Production and prototyping of the Dread Streets Terrain has been difficult for reasons even FabLab and Makerspace enthusiasts aren’t always aware of. Why can’t we just send you the files, so you can use your own lasercutter? Well…

We began prototyping at Copenhagen Fablab as far back as 2014. At that point, a vector file  made in Inkscape was the only way to work with the Epilog Laser.

When moving to Technological Institute, all design work had to be redone, since their Universal Laser could only work with sheets half the size we were used to. Not to mention that the files had to be translated to work with the PC connected to their machine.

Moving into the final prototyping at Sonderburg Entrepreneurship Services (and production with 3Dtwix), we had to work with yet another size and type of sheet. Also the Redsail Laser works with AutoCAD files instead of vector files. The translation was not too difficult, but then it became obvious that the Universal and Redsail lasers do not eat away the same amount of material! This would not have been such a big deal, if we did not rely on “jigsaw” fittings!

Bottom line: Lasercutting isn’t like 3D-printing, where it’s entirely possible to send a “print job” to a friend (or foe if you really wan’t to!). With lasercutting, you have to be aware of software incompatibilities, and especially how much the laser eats away (which may differ, even for machines of the same type). This is one business, where you really need to try out the machine for yourself!

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