Painting MDF: Acrylics

This week we’re showing you the test results from using four different kinds of paint along with our MDF terrain!

For our 4th – and final – building we went the most traditional route imaginable: Acrylics. These have been the mainstay of fantasy gamers since the advent of Games Workshop. In theory, though, acrylics could bloat the MDF. Is that true?

Yet again, is proved to be completely superfluous to “protect” the MDF with lacquer or otherwise. The acrylics absolutely do not hurt the MDF. It’s so easy to cover the buildings with a single coat, that they are easy enough to assemble and disassemble afterwards. The only major problem with acrylics, is that you’ll use up your miniature paints in no time. You’ll have to use a “medium”-sized container, and that may not be so easy to find. Final score: 4/5.

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