Funded! Now what?

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To think that we were worried about getting funded! But now we’ve had Norwegians, Frostgrave enthusiasts – and even the main villain of our old LARP campaign – appear onto the scene and save the day!

The future of the terrain

Now that the Kickstarter has ended, we should be able to ship the first production run before Christmas. We have been in touch with stores and hobbyists during the campaign, so the terrain might be available in a limited number of stores. There is a distinct possibility, that we’ll begin cooperating with a (3D)-printing company, to offer you accessories (doors, windows and more) in the future.

Future projects

Make no mistake – we’re in this to make money. Money to launch new projects!

We’ve long been waiting to produce and release the Dread Streets range of miniatures by Sonny Bundgaard. We’ve been makings moulds and casts in secret, and getting better every time. When we’ve made some “masters” that we’re proud of, we’ll launch a new Kickstarter. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on our progress on this blog – and on our Facebook Page.

The rulebook

It’s been an open secret since Fastaval 2014, that we’ve been developing our terrain for use with our own skirmish game. The first version officially released version of the rules are still available on Alexandria. The fact is, though, is that the rules have been rewritten over and over since then, and new scenarios have been playable on conventions such a Bodega-con, Horisont-con and Viking-con.  The future of the rule book is unclear – we have the rules, the artwork, the reference sheets and more! But how and where to get this into production, is a conundrum we’re still contemplating.

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