Painting MDF: Making it look like a plastered wall

This week we’re showing you the test results from using four different kinds of paint along with our MDF terrain!

For our third test building, we wanted to do something radically different. It’s easy to paint MDF as a wooden building (which it is!), a plastered wall if something different. Even though MDF has a smooth surface, it’s very telling if you use a paint brush.

In theory, using a primer is a bad idea, since the MDF doesn’t handle moisture well. In reality, the primer dries so quickly, that there is little chance of mishap. You should, of course, still be careful not to apply too much primer. One layer should be enough.

We were very pleased with the look, which is easy to achieve. But since you’ll be using both primer and paint, it’s also very easy to put on to many coats of paint. It can become a bit difficult to disassemble the building again. For that reason we’re only awarding this method a 3/5. Still, with a bit of practice, it should be fairly simple not to overdo it!

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