We’re on the radio!

We were recently contacted by the ‘Ammertime Podcast from the Ninth Age forum.

Our designer, Bjarke, met with the podcasters in Rogue Trader Copenhagen, to talk about our terrain Kickstarter – and plans for the future.

Click right here, or on any of the pictures below to listen to 25 minutes of Dread Streets news! The interview is in English.


Click to listen to the ‘Ammertime Podcast on Soundcloud

The ‘Ammertime podcasters is a group of people in Copenhagen, who mainly play the 9th Age tabletop game. They post about gaming experiences, review new releases, and report on tournaments.  They have been podcasting for about 2 years – and released fifty different tracks in that time!

The Ninth Age

Click to listen to the ‘Ammertime Podcast on the Ninth Age Forum

The Ninth Age is a community-driven fantasy tabletop game. It was created in 2015, as a continuation of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Game (especially the lore and feel of the “Old World”). Not only has it become a game in it’s own right – there’s even a 2nd edition coming up in 2018!

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