First wave!

It was exactly one month before christmas. The machinery groaned under the strain of cutting, cutting, cutting…  but backers were getting restless, and box after box of villages took up space. Something had to be done!

All of the sets were made at 3Dtwix in Sonderburg, Denmark, and (mostly) shipped with CoolEurope. With upcoming waves and new products, we hope to reach even further – there’s a whole world out there!



Painting MDF: Acrylics

This week we’re showing you the test results from using four different kinds of paint along with our MDF terrain!

For our 4th – and final – building we went the most traditional route imaginable: Acrylics. These have been the mainstay of fantasy gamers since the advent of Games Workshop. In theory, though, acrylics could bloat the MDF. Is that true?

Yet again, is proved to be completely superfluous to “protect” the MDF with lacquer or otherwise. The acrylics absolutely do not hurt the MDF. It’s so easy to cover the buildings with a single coat, that they are easy enough to assemble and disassemble afterwards. The only major problem with acrylics, is that you’ll use up your miniature paints in no time. You’ll have to use a “medium”-sized container, and that may not be so easy to find. Final score: 4/5.

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Funded! Now what?

Pst… skip to the quick version, and take this poll about upcoming projects!

To think that we were worried about getting funded! But now we’ve had Norwegians, Frostgrave enthusiasts – and even the main villain of our old LARP campaign – appear onto the scene and save the day!

The future of the terrain

Now that the Kickstarter has ended, we should be able to ship the first production run before Christmas. We have been in touch with stores and hobbyists during the campaign, so the terrain might be available in a limited number of stores. There is a distinct possibility, that we’ll begin cooperating with a (3D)-printing company, to offer you accessories (doors, windows and more) in the future.

Future projects

Make no mistake – we’re in this to make money. Money to launch new projects!

We’ve long been waiting to produce and release the Dread Streets range of miniatures by Sonny Bundgaard. We’ve been makings moulds and casts in secret, and getting better every time. When we’ve made some “masters” that we’re proud of, we’ll launch a new Kickstarter. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on our progress on this blog – and on our Facebook Page.

The rulebook

It’s been an open secret since Fastaval 2014, that we’ve been developing our terrain for use with our own skirmish game. The first version officially released version of the rules are still available on Alexandria. The fact is, though, is that the rules have been rewritten over and over since then, and new scenarios have been playable on conventions such a Bodega-con, Horisont-con and Viking-con.  The future of the rule book is unclear – we have the rules, the artwork, the reference sheets and more! But how and where to get this into production, is a conundrum we’re still contemplating.

Painting MDF: Making it look like a plastered wall

This week we’re showing you the test results from using four different kinds of paint along with our MDF terrain!

For our third test building, we wanted to do something radically different. It’s easy to paint MDF as a wooden building (which it is!), a plastered wall if something different. Even though MDF has a smooth surface, it’s very telling if you use a paint brush.

In theory, using a primer is a bad idea, since the MDF doesn’t handle moisture well. In reality, the primer dries so quickly, that there is little chance of mishap. You should, of course, still be careful not to apply too much primer. One layer should be enough.

We were very pleased with the look, which is easy to achieve. But since you’ll be using both primer and paint, it’s also very easy to put on to many coats of paint. It can become a bit difficult to disassemble the building again. For that reason we’re only awarding this method a 3/5. Still, with a bit of practice, it should be fairly simple not to overdo it!

Like our designs? Pre-order your own set on Kickstarter.