Swashbuckling tabletop action on the rooftoops!

Tabletop game for 2-4 players

Coming to Kickstarter March 2016!


What is Dread Streets?

Dread Streets is a tabletop skirmish game, suited for 2-4 players. The finished game will include 3 sets of 4 miniatures, and a 3D game board with 4 different buildings. On Kickstarter the 15th of February 2016.

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Not just about fighting!



Gameplay style

Playing a game of DreadStreets is all about keeping track of 3 goals all at once. The first player to score 3 times on all 3 goals, wins the game!
On the gameboard, you have to take hold of the loot, perform certain acts, and, yes, beat someone up.

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Rulebook - teaser

Here is a small snippet of the rulebook for you to enjoy - these sections explains the setup of the game, as well as the basic game mechanics. The most important mechanic, is the Fate Roll, made with 4 dice. The Fate Roll decides which Stunts will be available to your Hero - and which will not. Fate Rolls are made the moment you activate a Hero. Only when you know the limits of your Hero do you decide on what to do. Thus you will always be able to alter your plans and improvise as you go.

A shared game world



The World of Dreadstreets

On and on it streches, the cobbled alleyways and tiled rooftops, known only as the City of Dreadstreets. It has been so, ever since the inhabitants waged a decade-long "war on nature", turning the entire World into a sprawling cityscape. Which faction controls what street corner, which inn?
You, the player, get to map the city!

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Team DreadStreets

Rasmus Wichmann

Game design, story, conventions


Bjarke Christensen

Game design, building and rulebook design